You might be wondering why a leadership company is named CenterBranch. You may even be asking: What do trees, leaders, and organizations have in common? The answer is a lot more than you might think.

Every single tree, regardless of kind, has one thing in common — it has a core. I like to call this the CenterBranch. Palms, Oaks, Redwoods, Willows, Baobabs, Chinese Ginkos, and every other tree that can be named have a CenterBranch. Depending on the type, the CenterBranch may look different, yet it serves the same purpose – it is the core of the tree, and it has a root system. That CenterBranch, and what it’s rooted in, determines how the tree develops and grows, how many limbs it produces, the kind of shelter or shade it may (or may not) provide, and even how long it will thrive.

Leaders and organizations are parallel to trees. Both people and organizations have a CenterBranch, a core, and they are both rooted in something. Some have a CenterBranch of integrity, strength, service, growth, or ministry. In contrast, others may be unclear what their CenterBranch even is.

At CenterBranch, we help to identify the CenterBranch and what that is rooted in. We nurture, develop, and sometimes prune back to ensure that leaders and companies thrive. We Grow Great Leaders.

headshot of Stacy Henry, CEO of CenterBranch, with white background
Meet the person behind


Stacy is a down-to-earth gal who practices being her best self, helping others to see their best self, and companies to perform at their highest capacities through their people. She's a credentialed Executive and Leadership Coach, entrepreneur, and lover of nature.

Stacy started CenterBranch after a highly successful 25-year globally progressive corporate career. She had the privilege of working in many leadership capacities from leader-of-self to mid-level leader of teams to the executive leadership of functions and direct line HR partnership to many C-suite leaders. Stacy created CenterBranch from her work and expertise in a variety of global industries, including Fortune 50 aerospace, OEM and aftermarket automotive, manufacturing, records management, technology, private equity start-up, and ministry.

Throughout her career, Stacy has navigated very demanding and difficult change, both personally and professionally. She's had some great successes and learned valuable lessons along the way. Through both success and struggle, she learned how to identify her own CenterBranch and root system. Stacy's personal CenterBranch is Faith, and she is rooted in Integrity, Trust, Authenticity, and Action.